Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Without frantic endeavor

Here I stand, on the peak of life's mesa
How unreal it all looks from here
I guess the remnants of misty clouds get in the way
Of clear vision and lasting impression

Pay a visit to this magical place of peace
Tall trees protect that which is important to me
My memories of you and I...yes...important
There you are, regular as clockwork...loving me

I can so easily take your hand in this place
It isn't dream-like, but more home-like
Comfort oozes from my every pore
As I search without frantic endeavour
Beneath my opened treasures

Silly how small things stand for more here
God shows you solutions...If you let him
And all is quiet...except for his strong voice
He delivers hope where all hope was gone
In hearts barren, aching and torn

He sprinkled stardust on my eyelids
And lifted me to the heavens to catch a glimpse...
Of what life really soul is opened...
Awakened to renewed passion and love beyond compare
A feeling I guess I never out grew

It will wait into eternity...or until the time
When fear will not prevail
When eyes only shed tears of joy
And lovers know that their rightful place...
Is with each other.

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