Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Blooms of worth

The consoling hush of night brings my mind to thinking
Thoughts reminiscent are lovingly blandished with endearment
Turned over and over until I can see you before me once again
And the smile that has often touched me so lingers in my memory

It is said that parting is such sweet sorrow
Yet to part from thee my sweet Prince
Did not enlighten the star in my heart
Where sorrow resides this day...
And no sweet nectar will be poured from the chalice

The cup that ran over is now lifeless sequence
Its residue will no more flow from lips ready, moist
We Spoke in beautiful phrases of love and unity...You and I
And love was the word that flowed from tongues and hearts

With depth of longing passion thou saw me
Thee, Prince of note, gave your Princess blooms of worth
Saw the mighty oak by a digressing brook
For the aspiring comfort it gave thee in thine Autumn years

And so the consoling hush of night sets my mind somewhere...
I see the lunar glow swaying creamily in a sea of velvet black
Bringing to life pictures in dreams of soothing hands that held me for so long
And arms that will now lay idle in the very same moonlight
That touches the very soul of me...

And will for all time hence forth..

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