Love...what does it mean?

When I think about love (and I often do) I am reminded that all who love are blessed. Love is the single most important emotion and screams to be treated as such. It comes in the form of the soul to every human born. It is a major part of the complete package we are wrapped up in when we come into the world. Each and every one of us possesses the power to love and because of this we are equally given the opportunity to be loved in return.
 Love begets love…it is that ‘reap and sow’ thing that is written about so often.
When you give love you will receive it.

Some see it as a weakness, a disability of sorts that carries with it a responsibility of honor and just behavior; for many this is too difficult. The people who feel this way are sadly by-passing their only chance at happiness and it is extremely sad to me because it is such a simple way to live your life; it is in fact the only key to freedom.
When we love with a truly giving heart, our entire being benefits from the goodness that gathers us into the circle of giving souls and once this is put into practice it is almost impossible to live any other way; the loving soul is a healthy and healing soul. 
Love heals not only the bearer, but the beloved as well. It becomes a journey of self-discovery that unleashes self-worth, a chain of events that leads us to happiness on a path of new horizons.
 By affirming love within ourselves we are creating our own database of love related emotion; this can hurt, but mostly it radiates joy.

I think we all realize the importance of love at a very young age and so often that built-in desire to love and be loved is destroyed by the acts of adults who are more than likely victims of a loveless or abusive upbringing themselves, so it continues and the circle of hate spreads. This is so prevalent in today’s society; we see it far too much.

We never stop learning about love because there are so many levels on which we give of ourselves. A parent and child, a husband and wife, siblings and of course new love…even our esteemed pets...all examples on different levels of feeling. 
 By learning we inadvertently teach and by teaching…we are loving.

It would be an act of wisdom to give time to the notion of loving instead of wasting time on things unimportant. Mostly it is the gift that endures through eternity and must never be taken for granted. As for falling in love? There is nothing to equal that feeling if it is real...nothing.

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