Wednesday, September 4, 2013


It is the still of night
That takes us to places loved
Calm, peaceful places only dreamed
Can we afford not to visit
The beauty of love at peace?

It is the serenity of prayer
That leads us to a higher plane
One of tranquility and love offered
Where we gather with celestial splendor
And see ourselves clearly in the face of God

Where then does the soul receive sustenance?
Is it the still of night
Or the serenity of prayer?
The combination of these two
Is where the tranquil breezes wave the wheat
And cover the heart with comfort

That longed for comfort…


Rick said...

I find my sustenance in Jesus. I hope you do as well. Your poem asks the vital questions that all of have asked or will ask. He is the quiet sanctuary of night and the eternal love in prayer.

Helen Woodward said...

Jesus is and always will be my Lord and Saviour, I echo all your thoughts and thank you for your comment,