Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Olive Grove

Love falls beneath the black moon
Severing ties once so richly made
The night sky is starless once again
And as the inky clouds give birth to a stunning dawn
No pleasure will she find through heavy eyelids

He does not know that love was complete
And as she remembers him
She understands the captivation
That led the olive grove
She breaks a branch of comfort there
Hoping to find a resting place with him

Anywhere in time~

Yet...what comes to mind?

Loving does not hold a record of wrongs
If it is pure as was said so often
Her entire life has been lived for this moment...
A time of reconciliation with her soul
And deep examination of conscience
Came to life in the olive grove today...

She had been made redundant
She had made him redundant
That should have been the end of their perfect day
But love has a mind of its own
Meandering softly through the blindness of abhorrence
Leaving messages of hope
Creating wishful thinking of renewal

There is a place in all hearts for true love
Recognising it is not difficult
Making a home for it is easy
But trying to maintain the momentum
We wind up with a deadlock of false/stubborn pride...

It is not God who creates the cesspools of life

They are man made by those who should know better...

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