Wednesday, August 7, 2013

On the edge of the world

Love was, but couldn't be
Too deep? Maybe...
So many goodbye's said
Yet here I am 
Grounded in feelings insurmountable

So many branches on the tree of life
Falling, crashing to the ground
No one cares
I stand on the banks of the river
Looking at the other side
It seems as far away as the edge of the earth
A Utopia of my mind's doing

Forward thinking has gone
The past a constant beckoning
Haunted by dancing eyes
 Meatballs in sockets
Once alive with love...
Now cold

Every hair, every freckle, every laugh line
Ever new, ever endearing, ever nurtured
My dreams no longer offer warmth
Tedium is assured on pillows wet
And I accept...not without question
The loss of my sensibility

Hope came in the friendship of a sparrow
Perched on the balcony without concern
Not frightened...just content with my care.

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