Thursday, August 8, 2013

Water of life

Falling into my ever-deepening abyss
I can not see clearly
The little faces that launched my heart
Into the heavens

The place that is finally taking hold of remnants
Left in the shallows by grace
My eyes fill with the water of life...salty...pure
And as the sun rises over my horizon
I see no light, no gateway of freedom
Only the chains that bind my soul to theirs...

Tight and restraining they reel me in
Through the eye of a burning needle
God in his ultimate wisdom knows my struggle
He sees a heart breaking for no reason

And he is angry...but I'm not sure with whom...

My filled with cloudy
Letting go is my testament
To all I ever held dear

No more will I run outside of my cocoon
I will instead embrace the warmth it offers
Where thoughts of you are still fresh...clean
And I can dream the light with abandon...

Surrendering to cold reality

It is too difficult to love
Too painful to be under its influence
Merciless hatred
That threatens to chew me up
Spit me out and leave me weeping

Has arrived...

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