Thursday, August 8, 2013

Lord! What fools these mortals be...

(Playing with a line from Shakespeare's...'A Midsummer Night's Dream’)

Heat a flame from loins prepared
Boldly she admits she cared
But suffer for their truth they must…
In purple haze of light and trust…
One fine day they’ll no doubt see
What utter fools these mortals be…

His sweet words and sighs come sailing
On orange blossom breezes wailing
A marriage destined in the lair
They offer the exact same prayer
For God in all his power and might
To cleanse this union’s sorry plight
Self-control no longer free
Lord what fools these mortals be…

The black of night awaits each day
As depth of love survives the fray
No discomfort between them now
God’s imprint steady on her brow
Each in solitary greed
Libidos whisper want and need…

The cold will cast no burdens thought
As in their hollow web they’re caught
All the while their life’s ambition
The boudoir closeness, their condition
Love becomes a huge production
Open mouth‘s in clear seduction…

She speaks his name with joyous tone
Sits by her window thinking...alone
Allowing the zephyr to soothe her limbs
So much heat…she remembers him
The tide in waves still comes and goes
Their love a raging river flows
And should a granted wish be free?

Oh Lord what fools these mortals be…

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