Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Oh suspicion, you are the downfall
Of those who trust you…fools that they are
Looking for shelter in your deceiving arms and pointing fingers
That draw the feeble minded into your web of destruction
Oh wicked one…when will you cease your unholy terror
And be thrown back into the fiery pit where you belong

I can see your sinister hands rubbing together with glee
And your decaying mouth cackling with baneful mirth
Another notch on your already bountiful belt of victories
People are slow to learn and quick to judge
This suits your purpose well…as one by one
They fall into your cauldron of depravity
And ultimate loneliness

Oh suspicion your verbose nature is that of the scorpion
You bring forth only wretchedness and pernicious vibration
You gather souls in large nets and offer endless lust and gratification
It is a game to you…winner takes all
But your Judas kiss shall reap only devotees of filth and corruption
Oh suspicion, there is no sign of humility in you
                          Only a depraved mind on a mission from Hell…

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