Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My Guiding Heart

When all things pass away
We are left with memories
Thoughts that trigger other thoughts
The hand that so often
Still feels warm in mine
Continues to touch me
And unbearable pain ensues...
Gripping angst swallows me whole

The time that was ripe for picking
Has been swept away by howling winds
There was such strength in that tempest
Emotion driven strength that billowed
Above all else to gain muscle power
With all tears erased and all hatred burned
I move to a level of acceptance
Where I feel the peaceful touch thought lost

It is my heart that guides my pen
Fills the page with blood...shed for love
Not my unsteady hand nor unthinking mind
For as long as this heart fears loss
I shall feel alive within its teaching...
Protected by the fire reserved for the living
As I Bathe in a solitary reservoir of naked flames...

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