Thursday, February 4, 2016

Where I Belong

For my Husband...Allan

My heart...ever tattered
Misses you
My Soul...still in tact
Trusts my Lord
To lift me he did with you
And place me where I belong
Back in your arms
Safe...cared about and loved unconditionally

I look to the Sunshine and my hope is restored
And ignore the dark clouds 
That try to keep me bound
To nothing in particular

All that was beautiful in my dreams
No longer exists
There is no joy where there is no you

I don't wonder if you're happy
Because I know you are

My need to tell you of my life since you...
Is strong and ever present
In a mind that is half full of disappointment
And half void due to my will

I know...
I am aware...
That I live because I have to
And love because I need to

Emptiness unseen...
Trauma not noticed...
Yet love for you is constantly refreshed
These thoughts arise from a living soul
That whispers daily to my dying heart...

Be still...all will be well.

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